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The Rise of Tyrants Wiki is a wiki dedicated to informing players of the upcoming Rise of Tyrants, a game that is currently under development by Powder Monkey Games, a studio owned by gaming company Z2.

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Rise of Tyrants is a turn-based strategy game that is set in the Battle Nations universe. Players are tasked with helping the exiled Prince Reinhardt take back his kingdom from the tyrannical and ruthless General Roth and his brother The Hatchet. Build your army, raise your kingdom, recruit powerful heroes to aid in your conquest, and reclaim the continent of Astria!

Official App Store Description:

WE NEED YOU, Captain! Rise of Tyrants is a wickedly irresistible turn-based strategy game of epic proportions. Rebel against the rule of tyrants and oppressors, as you experience a wartime quest to establish your own military might and authority!

+ Engage enemies in strategic, turn-based combat
+ Build and defend your base of operations
+ Experience a rich, hilarious storyline filled with engaging characters
+ Complete hundreds of missions across an immersive 3D world
+ Customize your army with a wide variety of troops, tanks, and other special units. Did someone say Raptors?
+ Craft and hone your strategy via battle formations, optimized attacks, and timely moves your units through battle + Engage in PvP to raid and loot players around the world

“This game changed my life! I used to be a regular, yet handsome, Prince-in-Exile. Now I have the lives of millions of adoring and terrified subjects in my hands. Totally addicted!” - Prince Reinhardt Edelwolf, Rightful King of Astria

Rise of Tyrants is completely free-to-play, however some items can be directly purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings menu.